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Presidents Message

It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down.  Kids will be going back to school and the fall activities schedules kick in.


Local agencies requests for services pick up with, school resource- Dare- extra enforcement at activities and of course before and after school traffic.  The publics expectations are that all those services mentioned above will be met by law enforcement and it gives them a sense of a safer community. Law enforcement always seems to respond, react and partner together to correctly handle whatever mission they are tasked with.


There were some pieces of legislation passed in the 2017 session that will affect law enforcement.  IPOA is very fortunate to have the professional lobbying representation at the Capital that we have.

Kelly Paschke did a phenomenal job last session making sure the rights and interests of Iowa Law Enforcement officers were addressed.  Some of those issues will most likely spark debate in the 2018 session.  Topics such as marijuana use, public sale and use of fireworks, asset forfeiture and pension discussions will most likely surface.


It is critical that law enforcement have someone at the Capital every day of the session to monitor and discuss those issues with legislators.  At IPOA that is our cornerstone.  Out lobbyist is one of the most respected and recognized persons at the Statehouse. IPOA is one of the oldest and largest law enforcement associations in the state.  IPOA membership dues of $30 a year yield immeasurable benefits.


We work diligently to offer law enforcement an annual training conference.  We strive to offer this opportunity at the lowest possible cost.  By doing that it does not allow us to offer some of the social events you may have experienced at other conferences.  Training is important to IPOA and providing those opportunities to the membership remains our commitment.


There are a number of ways for you to become involved in IPOA.  If you have interest in representing IPOA by serving on a number of boards, councils, advisory groups, task force or possibly the IPOA Board of Directors please contact me.  I look forward to visiting with you and discussing how we can get you plugged in. 


The 2018 Training Conference plans are just in the beginning stages.  If you have an interest in helping plan this conference or have suggestions for topics and speakers, we welcome those suggestions, this  is your association.


As I close this message I am going to side to some of my personal views.  Many of you are aware that I have had the opportunity to serve as the Chief of Motor Vehicle Enforcement for the last 11 years.  In 2016 there was a court ruling on a speeding case written by a MVE officer that would have drastically affected MVE in their ability to fulfill our core mission.  In short the ruling prohibited MVEs authority in a number of essential areas.  IPOA and the majority of the law enforcement community rallied behind efforts to clarify through legislation.


I want to personally thank all the Sheriffs, Chiefs and other law enforcement staff that sent letters of support they wrote and the contacts they made with key legislators and the Governor’s Office.  I also want to thank IPOA lobbyist Kellie Paschke who worked extensively on this issues.  With Kellies efforts we were successful in taking the first few steps to get code language passed and in place for MVE to fulfill their mission.  There is a one year sunset clause in the language and we will continue to work with key legislators and the Governor’s Staff to satisfy the requirements of the code. 


Our hope is that we can all continue to work together to make our communities, counties and state a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and raise our families.


BE SAFE !   Chief Dave Lorenzen                            

The new 2016 Challenge Coin is now available from any of your Board Members or by contacting the Sec.-Treasurer of the IPOA.
Cost per coin is $10 or 2 for $15.

The Iowa Association of Chiefs of Police and Peace Officers became the first statewide organization to represent Law Enforcement Officer serving the State of Iowa in 1908. A.G. (John) Miller of the Des Moines Police Department became the first President.


From humble beginnings almost 108 years ago the "Chief's" Association has grown to become one of the largest professional Law Enforcement Associations in the state. We presently have approximately 1800 members or our organization. Our membership is open to "ALL" certified Peace Officers in the State of Iowa. Our membership includes City Officers of all ranks, Sheriffs and Deputies, State Troopers, IDOT Officers, Federal & State Agents from the FBI and DCI. Today we are known as the Iowa Peace Officers Association.

At the 2010 Conference in April, the members present voted to change the name of our association. The reason for this proposal from the Board had been explained in previous Iowa Law Enforcement Issue. We are now known as the: Iowa Peace Officers Association. We are very proud to have been known as the Iowa Chiefs of Police and Peace Officers Assn. for the past 104 years. The selection of our new name really represents who we are, Certified Peace Officers in Iowa from all branches of Law Enforcement. We do believe this was the right decision at the right time. We will continue to serve all of Iowa in our future efforts. Our Membership remains the same and includes Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, Officers, Deputies, State & Federal Officers from throughout Iowa. 


Take time to view our Past Presidents section and see some of our History.

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Mailing Address:  Iowa Peace Officers Assn.

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Phone:                    319-269-4104



We will continue to use the old address to direct you to this site for the near future, please change and bookmark the new address in your favorites section.

Thanks for visiting our new website, you will find contact information for our Board Members and current information for the association. It is a pleasure to serve you, please forward information and comments that may enhance our website.



Terry Dehmlow