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Presidents Message

Wow where did the summer go?  It sure flew by.  Hopefully each of you were able to enjoy some time with family and friends.


I am sure most agencies are experiencing the same issues when it comes to hiring staff.  Iowa continues to bolster the second lowest unemployment in the nation hovering around 2.6 percent.


That along with the restrictions and requirements of applicants who desire to get into the profession all contribute to the challenge.


I was at a conference out of state recently and had conversations with several my counter parts.  I was surprised to hear of the number of states that are modifying their standards and requirements to meet the quality of applicants.  I am not convinced or of the opinion that this is a good thing. Although it may help fill the vacancies and take some of the strain off existing resources there may be some unintended circumstances.


As we have all seen with several law enforcement officer shooting incidents, we are held to a pretty tight window of standards and that split-second decisions an officer may have to make requires having a clear and solid mindset.


If we fall into the trap of lowering our standards what will we be setting ourselves up for?


The long works hours, shift work and stress are all something an officer must be able to handle no matter if they work for an agency of two or one hundred and fifty.


Along with the hiring challenges we also have to deal with retention issues.  Agencies invest a large amount of resources in employees and having a constant turnover can really strain leadership and the agency.


Research indicates one of the main reasons employees leave an agency for another agency or get out of the profession is the lack of job satisfaction.  Officers are people and they want to know what they do to contributes to the mission of the agency.  How often do Chiefs, Sheriffs, Command Staff and Supervisors let their staff know they are valued?


A quote from Chief Louis M. Dekmar the Chief of police in LaGrange, Georgia and the current president of the International Chiefs of Police Association.  “Its imperative that we provide a safe and positive culture within agencies that highlights accountability.  When accountability exits the community and citizens we serve gain confidence in the agencies which leads to officers gaining confidence in themselves.”


Thank you for your commitment and service



BE SAFE !   Chief Dave Lorenzen                            

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The Iowa Association of Chiefs of Police and Peace Officers became the first statewide organization to represent Law Enforcement Officer serving the State of Iowa in 1908. A.G. (John) Miller of the Des Moines Police Department became the first President.


From humble beginnings almost 108 years ago the "Chief's" Association has grown to become one of the largest professional Law Enforcement Associations in the state. We presently have approximately 1800 members or our organization. Our membership is open to "ALL" certified Peace Officers in the State of Iowa. Our membership includes City Officers of all ranks, Sheriffs and Deputies, State Troopers, IDOT Officers, Federal & State Agents from the FBI and DCI. Today we are known as the Iowa Peace Officers Association.

At the 2010 Conference in April, the members present voted to change the name of our association. The reason for this proposal from the Board had been explained in previous Iowa Law Enforcement Issue. We are now known as the: Iowa Peace Officers Association. We are very proud to have been known as the Iowa Chiefs of Police and Peace Officers Assn. for the past 104 years. The selection of our new name really represents who we are, Certified Peace Officers in Iowa from all branches of Law Enforcement. We do believe this was the right decision at the right time. We will continue to serve all of Iowa in our future efforts. Our Membership remains the same and includes Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, Officers, Deputies, State & Federal Officers from throughout Iowa. 


Take time to view our Past Presidents section and see some of our History.

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Mailing Address:  Iowa Peace Officers Assn.

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Thanks for visiting our new website, you will find contact information for our Board Members and current information for the association. It is a pleasure to serve you, please forward information and comments that may enhance our website.



Terry Dehmlow