Iowa Peace Officers


2013 Proposed By-laws Amendment


On November 30, 2012 Vice President Gus Farmer made the following motion to amend the bylaws. The motion clarified Lifetime Memberships in the IPOA and Political Endorsements by our members. These changes were approved by the members attending the annual conference on April 23, 2013.

By-Laws: Now referenced in Article II, 4.   

To be eligible for IPOA Lifetime Membership:


1.      Lifetime Membership in the IPOA will only be available to Retired members that meet the following criteria.


2.   Before retirement, was a regular member of the IPOA for an aggregate of 22 years or more;


3.      Has a non forfeitable right to retirements benefits with the law enforcement agency they retired from and is eligible to begin receiving retirement benefits immediately;


4.      The cost to purchase a Lifetime Membership in the IPOA is $200.


Note: Reserve officers are not eligible for a Lifetime Membership.

 Add this to Article IV, Board of Directors, would become section 12. The intent would be to allow us to individually participate as individuals in the political process as we so choose. We would not be offering support as President or Sec.-Treasurer of the IPOA. In the past we have had magazine articles from candidates and we always offer both parties the opportunity to submit information and we have never made any endorsement of those candidates as an association.


Section 12. The IPOA acknowledges the right of our Members to engage in political campaign activity in their individual capacity and encourages Members to participate in the political process. However, as a non-profit organization the IPOA is prohibited by State and Federal Laws from directly or indirectly engaging in certain types of political activity. Therefore, All Association Members are prohibited from using their official affiliation with the IPOA when participating in any political activity in their individual capacity, including political endorsements. Upon request, candidates will be offered a reasonable opportunity to share their agenda and concerns to the membership through the Iowa Law Enforcement Magazine.



Major Steier made a second to the motion and all members present voted in favor, motion passed. Sec.-Treasurer Dehmlow will post the proposal on the web page and have it placed in the next issue of the Iowa Law Enforcement. The proposal will be voted on at the next annual meeting of the IPOA.